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Welcome to Emotional Healing!

Whether your journey has been long and drawn out or quick and painful, you are here because you are ready for change!

I work with individuals who are suffering to help them feel good again. I help individuals with many different challenges, including (but not limited to) anxiety, anger, depression, and Asperger’s. I also love working with kids ages 9-13, using play and art therapy techniques.

I love seeing lives transform as we find strategies to support and strengthen YOUR personal resources.

Please register as a new client so you can schedule your free half hour phone consult with me. OR if you are here for the group, Beating Depression (A 12 week group to gain practical skills to overcome depression) please register as a new client - you’ll be able to sign up for the group after that!

In Beating Depression we will practice mindfulness & mindful self-compassion, and cover topics like nutrition, exercise, sleep, automatic negative thoughts, visualization, and intention. We'll talk about how depression hijacks our ability to DO those things that *should* be helpful, and specific tips for how to get around it so you can make significant progress toward healing during these twelve weeks.

I look forward to seeing you soon. ~Christine

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